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You get an entirely new and unique experience of the Kingdom of Crystal in our digital showroom. Here you will find a selection of what we have to offer. Meet the artists, get close to the work in the blowing room and buy glass – all without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Gallery summer 2020

This summer, 16 artists are represented in the Gallery. They are all different, but driven by the same fascination and passion for glass and its possibilities. Enjoy the colors, techniques, sandings and etchings. Purchase information can be found under each item.

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Meet our designers

What would the Kingdom of Crystal be without all the fantastic artists at work here? Get to know a few of them better and see them in their natural environment – producing glass in the Småland forests. It’s in the blowing room that magic happens and ideas are transformed into glass art.

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Visit our Glassworks

Mouth blown glass has been manufactured in the part of Småland known as the Kingdom of Crystal since right back in 1742. And in the glassworks and blowing rooms, very little has changed. Experience the feeling of the craftsmanship and the old traditions that never cease to fascinate.

What’s on in the Kingdom of Crystal

What’s on in the Kingdom of Crystal

A number of joint events are organised throughout the year in the Kingdom of Crystal. But glassworks and blowing rooms also hold regular public demonstrations of glassblowing. During summer 2020, the number of spectators will be limited, so keep an eye on the glassworks’ and blowing rooms’ own websites.

The wonderful world of glass

The international glass conference GAS2020, which was to have been hosted by the Kingdom of Crystal, was instead transformed into a digital event lasting three days. And some of our designers took part, displaying their skills on film.

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Price list for artworks in the gallery

A summary of all glass artworks in the gallery. You can find information on how and where to buy beneath each object. And you can always contact the glassworks, blowing room or artist about other objects, if the one you want has already sold.

Kingdom of Crystal

Glass as an art, glass as an everyday item, glass as a livelihood. Everything in this corner of Småland has revolved around glass since the 1700s.