Kingdom of Crystal

Glass as an art, glass as an everyday item, glass as a livelihood. Everything in this corner of Småland has revolved around glass since the 1700s. Here – in deep forests, beside clear lakes and rushing water – artists and designers find inspiration for both exciting artworks and trendy drinking glasses. Designs that skilful glassblowers and other craftspeople bring to life through intensive work in the hot blowing rooms.

A process that visitors are welcome to follow. In the blowing room you can see the hot, liquid glass being transformed by skilful hands into exquisite objects. A fascinating performance that it’s difficult to tear yourself away from.

The glassworks and blowing rooms of the Kingdom of Crystal are all different, but all share high quality craftsmanship and strong local roots.

Forests and water were the foundations of the Kingdom of Crystal. Timber to fire the glass ovens and water to power the machinery.

Kosta Glassworks was founded in south-eastern Småland in 1742. This was the starting point of what would later become the Kingdom of Crystal. Where energetic glass masters chose to start their own new glassworks.

In the late 1800s, Swedish art glass became world-famous, and since then glassblowers and artists from the Kingdom of Crystal have received the greatest respect and admiration.

Emmaboda, Lessebo, Nybro and Uppvidinge municipalities in south-eastern Småland form a proud kingdom – the Kingdom of Crystal.

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