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Johan Nilsson

Graal is the technique Johan Nilsson prefers, which suits a man working on the site where the graal technique was born in 1916. But creating an artwork using the graal technique isn’t a one man job – instead it requires an entire team, as he likes to emphasise.

As is the case for many people with their roots in the Kingdom of Crystal, Johan has worked with glass his entire life, and has spent time at several different glassworks. Now he’s the master of Orranäs Glassworks in Orrefors, where he collaborates with the blowing room’s new creative manager, Amy Krüger.

Johan Nilsson takes his inspiration from wild animals and from hunting in the deep Småland forests. And he is happy to show off his skill in Orranäs’s octagonal blowing room, where visitors can see him in action.

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