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Mats Jonasson

Mats Jonasson grew up close to the glassworks. His father worked in the blowing room, and young Mats was fascinated with the magical, glowing substance. As he had a talent for drawing, he was employed at the age of just 15 as an apprentice engraver.

In the decades that followed, he has worked with several of the great contemporary glass artists. His speciality was grinding and engraving, and the entire time he was developing the natural style he has since refined to perfection.

The weight of iron against the transparency of glass is a combination that distinguishes Mats Jonasson’s art and it’s a technique he has developed himself in Målerås’s own casting workshop. And the inspiration for his artworks often comes from nature.

“Since ancient times, our forests have had an impact on the soul of everyone living here.”

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