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Roger Johansson

Born and raised in the Kingdom of Crystal, it perhaps isn’t so surprising that Roger Johansson developed a strong interest in glass as a teenager. In 1979, he started working as a glass grinder at Kosta Glassworks, where he worked with people such as Göran Wärff.

In 1989, Roger Johansson was involved in starting Gullakruv Glassworks, where he was ran the grinding workshop, and he later created the grinding workshop for Studioglas Strömbergshyttan, where he was responsible for finishing the blowing room’s products.

Since 1993, Roger Johansson has been running his own business, and as well as managing Bergdala Blowing Room where he creates his own art glass, he also works with a number of glassblowers around the Kingdom of Crystal whenever they need an experienced glass grinder.

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