Mickejohan’s Art Glass

As you turn a corner in the small village of Örsjö, Micke Johansson’s blowing room comes into sight. Here, he’s created a studio blowing room in his own farmyard. Micke’s skill with the typical Swedish techniques of graal and ariel is widely known, and he has expanded them well beyond the norm.

In the blowing room he designs and blows his own pieces, but many artists and designers also come here to have their glass blown. Adjacent to the blowing room, there’s also a showroom and a shop. Micke is always happy to share his skill, and provides regular demonstrations with his assistants in his blowing room. The brand is Mickejohan’s Art Glass.

Mickejohans Konstglas   prod1
Mickejohans Konstglas   prod2
Mickejohans Konstglas   loop
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