Nybro Glassworks is a relatively young glassworks known for its attractive everyday objects in bright colours. When it was founded in 1935, it had an oil-fired crucible – the first one in Sweden. Over the years, much of the production has been utility glass such as shoe polish jars. But the glassworks has also manufactured well-known classics such as the Bohus series with its maritime themes, now found in many homes.

Today, painted glass is at the heart of the business, with airbrush and hand painting of glass in all shapes, and the glassworks constantly develops and expands glass painting techniques. “It isn’t merely the eye that should be drawn to the beauty of the object. If the things we make at the glassworks are useful too, that makes everyday life a little more pleasant.” That’s the approach of the master painters at Nybro Glassworks, who are amongst the most skilful in Sweden. 

The glassworks’ brand is Nybro Crystal Sweden. As well as manufacturing and a shop in central Nybro, the glassworks has a shop at Kosta Outlet.

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