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Pukebergs Glassworks

Pukeberg Glassworks is an impressive site with a well-preserved industrial environment from the late 1800s. You can still see the buildings that were involved in the production of glass, together with the glassworks complex – the grinding workshop, store, worker’s houses and offices. Around 350 people worked here at that time. It’s well worth a visit to Pukeberg just to see the striking brick buildings that make up the glassworks. Glass of many different types has been manufactured here over the years.

Much of it fascinating, such as the globe-shaped lamps for the top of petrol pumps. Now the buildings house a number of activities – the Swedish National School of Glass, which teaches glass craftsmanship and design, rubs shoulders with many artists’ studios. The glassworks shop, which is right next to the blowing room, is run by Mathias Ripheden. He also works with glassblower Gunne Brandstedt to manufacture their own collections for sale in the shop. Traditional hot shop herring is also served here.

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