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Transjö Blowing Room

It’s hard to find a more idyllic spot in the Kingdom of Crystal than Transjö Blowing Room. In the tiny village beside the Lyckebyån river, master glassblowers Jan-Erik Ritzman and Sven-Åke Carlsson have built a blowing room exactly how they wanted it. The building is actually part of the glass grinding workshop that once belonged to Transjö Glassworks. The glassworks closed down in 1950, but in 1982 Transjö Blowing Room brought glassblowing back to the site. As a visitor, you’re struck by the tall, beautiful windows combined with the red walls of the wooden blowing room.

Both glassblowers have enormous professional skill, teaching all over the world and accepting trainees here in Transjö. They make art glass to their own taste, even though Jan-Erik Ritzman doesn’t really like calling himself an artist. The blowing room is so small that you have to be alert when the glowing liquid glass is transferred from oven to glassblower. In the area is a small factory shop with art glass produced in Transjö.

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