Bertil Vallien
350 000 SEK
Kosta Boda
Mesures: H 98 cm, W 15,5 cm, 25,3 kg

”I make boats that sink. Sink through memories and dreams. I make boats that don’t need latitudes. They navigate like glazed containers towards the horizons of the imagination. One container for Moses and one for the Viking chieftain. The traveller must trust in the thin skin that’s the only thing separating her from the unknown.

Boats have always fascinated me, for the beautiful shape and for what they mean: livelihood, adventure, travel, birth and death. A symbol that belongs to our collective consciousness. We all have a respectful relationship with the boat. The fisherman doesn’t chop up his tired boat for firewood. When she can no longer go to sea, she’s allowed to rest in peace and gradually feed new boats. I understand perfectly why even the most rough-mannered seaman respectfully and reverently calls his life insurance, his vessel, She. A life-giving mother to trust when society has come adrift from solid ground.”

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